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Easing and Managing Anxeity

Easing and Managing Anxiety-with Krista Squires

Anxiety, especially among children, continues to rise every day. With what feels like chaos in the world around us, the pressure to be the "best", the demands of school, friends, family, it can be very challenging to stay rooted in the places where we feel steady and empowered…our breath, our bodies, our “center”, our joy, our souls.

Krista has spent years working with Anxiety, both as someone who suffered, sometimes severely, and as a holistic wellness provider looking to understand what it really is and why it's so prevalent. The truth is, we all have some degree of anxiety. Let's take the stigma out of the word and treat it as something we can learn to manage and integrate, just like any other emotion.

This workshop will include a variety of yoga, breathing techniques, tapping/eft, guided meditations, and other holistic tools that Krista has found to be helpful on her own personal journey.

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