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Sound Journey w/Natalie Brown & Laina Pilkinton

Sound Journey with Natalie Brown and Laina Pilkenton:
In the winter, like Mother Earth, we become quiet and dormant. Our stream of creativity turns into a slow trickle as we hibernate and look inward. As the ice thaws and the snow melts we wake with a new sense of wonder, freedom, and drive. Like a raging river that runs its course too quickly, creativity can rush through us and be gone in a flash. In this blossoming season of the year, it's a perfect time to harmonize your natural ebb and flow. During the sound concert, sound therapy practitioners Natalie Brown and Laina Pilkenton will create space designed to support your creative energies so you can feel balanced and re-fueled.

Engage in the nurturing sounds and vibrations of the monochord, hand pan, violin, voice, Himalayan bowls and other instruments, designed for creative flow, emotional balance, increased focus and deep relaxation. Yoga mat and blanket provided for your comfort.

Earlier Event: May 5
Bike, Yoga, Brunch!