Photo by Zac Neumann

Making Space: Yoga for creative flow

Featured in Yoga Iowa Magazine   http://www.yoga-iowa.com


We’re all creative. It’s in our DNA. Our ancestors had to be creative to survive the ever-changing obstacles of this world. The seamstress, the potter, the farmer, the blacksmith, the storyteller — people in all areas of life used creativity to solve problems and move forward.

You may not paint, draw or make music, but you still need to nurture your creativity. In our modern, busy lives, we’re pressed for time due to countless errands, interruptions and jobs. We’re overstimulated by our handheld devices. It’s important to carve out space to follow our hearts. To be happy, we must express ourselves in a multitude of ways. To be balanced, we must feel fulfilled.

How do we commit to leading a more creative life right now? It starts with the way we look at things. Get curious, observe without judgment and see beauty in the present moment. As a yogi, does this approach sound familiar? Our yoga practice invokes everything we need to be creative. Yoga and meditation turn us inward, strengthen our focus and heighten our senses. They ignite our passions and allow us to connect with our deepest and truest self.

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